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Thank you for joining us for the Makaton Speak it, Sign it, Symbol it! Challenge. 

Learn 5 signs, Tag 5 friends, Donate £5 to the Makaton Charity!

The Makaton Charity is asking everyone to help us pass on a message of love and support from our wonderful Makaton community in these difficult and uncertain times.

We are asking you to Speak, Sign and/or Symbol a simple message of support 'Be Happy, Send your Family and Friends Love'. 

Here is our video to show you the signs and symbols:


Once you have filmed your video of you speaking and signing the message, and if you feel creative you can draw the symbols too and take a photo, please post to Facebook and tag @TheMakatonCharity or use the hashtag #SpeakitSignitSymbolit on Twitter and Instagram. Tag your 5 friends to help spread the Makaton love ❤️ 

We hope that people who know and use Makaton will join us, as well as those who are using Makaton for the very first time. We want to raise awareness of the Makaton Language Programme and the people with learning and communication difficulties who use Makaton as a communication aid.

Pass on your message of support today and get creative - we can't wait to see your videos and photos!

About The Makaton Charity

Makaton is a language programme that combines signs, symbols and speech to provide multiple ways for someone to communicate. The use of signs can support people who have unclear or no speech and symbols can help those who have limited speech and cannot, or prefer not to sign. Makaton transforms the lives of those with communication difficulties by giving them a way to express themselves independently which is proven to overcome frustration and promote inclusion. There are currently in excess of 2.2 million people in the UK with speech, language and communication difficulties and over 1 million Makaton users.

The Makaton Charity exists to ensure that everyone living with learning or communication difficulties has the tools and resources they need to understand and be understood. The Charity aims to ensure that as many people as possible have access to Makaton, to achieve our goal of a truly inclusive society. Visit our website makaton.org to find out more about the impact Makaton has on beneficiaries and their families or support networks.


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