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Hello Everyone,

This is my son Charlie. He is amazing! He loves to go for walks, play in water and sit in the garden watching aeroplanes fly overhead.

Charlie is also Autistic. Along with other some other medical conditions this means that Charlie is non-verbal and cannot speak. This makes simple things like telling us what he wants to play or what he wants to eat very difficult but it also means he is unable to share his feelings with us or tell us if he is in pain.

To help Charlie communicate with us; my family and I are learning Makaton sign language. This is a universal sign language used by non-deaf people who are unable to communicate verbally. The Makaton Charity provide training and resources as well as advice to people who need it. For this reason I have decided to run the London Royal Parks Half Marathon to raise funds on their behalf so they can continue to support families like mine.

If you are able to, please could you sponsor me so I can provide the Makaton Charity with as much funds as possible.

Many Thanks


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